Digital Twins with Real Data

Smart City is the central interface for collected information of the city and the users; one platform to visualize and manage cities in a 3D world.

We convert all data into information and enable the user to create informed and lasting decisions. The user interface is based on a 3D view of the city, connecting any information to the right location in the city – information is no longer abstract, but directly bound to where it belongs.

Organized in layers, all information can be visualized, combined or separated, depending on the users need.

The platform is easily capable of handling all kinds of dynamic and static information, updating the displayed information instantly without delay or user intervention.

With the full use of a 3D environment, any information is easier to access and quicker to intuitively understand, resulting in less errors and more precise communication.

The level of detail in both the 3D environment and the overlayed 2D information, is adapted dynamically to serve the user the right amount of information at any given time.

Existing data and hardware can be imported and digested, as we support an open platform.

Technically, monitor displays are the limit, as we already support a resolution of up to 12K (e.g. 3x higher than bluray). Controlling the application is flexible, with standard PC equipment or remotely using tablets or custom devices.

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