GritGene has its own logo! A new logo, a new beginning!

May 29, 2020




After rebranding the GritWorld company logo, our real-time digital rendering engine GritGene also owns a new logo! GritGene not only supports both low-end hardware and high-end GPU clusters on the cloud but also uses the multi-GPU, which significantly enhances the interaction between human and computer with flexibility and scalability. GritGene is our independent intellectual property and the powerful inner-core driving the revolutionary development of visual effects in animations, movies, graphic design, and Smart City.





This time, we chose fading green as the primary colour of the logo, which changes from light green to ocean green.  This bright colour presents an energising and vibrant attitude which exactly matches GritGene’s image of incomparable high-performance. To deliver the feeling of power and self-assuredness, similar to our company logo, we used the sharp edges and corners again. As a whole, the GritGene logo is in a futuristic style and looks like the shield of a brave warrior.  In the middle there is a 'Play' button. It seems that if you press the button, the 'shield' would spin immediately.



We hope you like GritGene's new logo!




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