36Kr | Providing the core driving force for the digitalization of the physical world, “GritWorld” receives linear capital of tens of millions of A financing - 36氪首发 | 为物理世界数字化提供核心动力,「粒界科技」获线性资本领投数千万元A轮融资

December 3, 2018

What kind of chemical reaction will there be when real-time graphic vision technology in games, crosses the border into the industry?




Recently, "Grit World" announced the completion of tens of millions of round-A financing, linear capital led investment, the door to venture capital and investment. This round of financing is planned for technology research and development and market expansion. At present, Grit Technology has accumulated a number of customers including Sparkly Key Animation Studio, Fuxi Film and Television, Dayang, and Dynamic Attractions. It is expected to have a revenue of over 10 million yuan this year.

Smart City and Industry 4.0 are the scientific and technological topics often mentioned in the technology and industry circles in recent years. Behind these concepts, the collection, processing and display of physical data are inseparable. GritWorld hopes to help data acquisition, visualization and interaction in Smart Cities, industrial production and film and television animation through their self-developed real-time graphic vision technology.

近日,「粒界科技」宣布完成数千万元A轮融资,线性资本领投,将门创投跟投。本轮融资资金计划用于技术研发与市场拓展。目前,粒界科技已积累了包括玄机科技、福熙影视、中科大洋、Dynamic Attractions在内的多家客户,预计今年营收超千万元规模。



Render Smart City in real time



The concept of a Smart City is very large, and if we want to make the city smarter, it is necessary to have support of the underlying technologies such as the Internet and cloud computing. Assuming that these infrastructures have been built, people find that they lack a visual platform to monitor urban changes in real time. Urban visualization is different from data visualization. It not only collects information data of infrastructure, but also collects physical environment data such as urban buildings and roads. For the current computing power, it is technically difficult to move the entire city to the digital world for real-time CG-level rendering and interaction.



Based on the years of accumulation of real-time graphical vision technology, the GritWorld team proposes a solution that can be coarse and fine:



  • Modeling based on the aggregated material library and the AI-based modeling team, the model is automatically generated to achieve 100-kilometre building generation;

  • Rendering real-time output based on user parallax to change the city rendering accuracy to 6K resolution;

  • In terms of data visualization, it also presents city-level data such as real-time sensors, city sensors and video surveillance, and maintains a smooth and gamified experience in real time.

  • 建模上基于聚合素材库和AI化的建模团队,实现模型自动生成,达到百公里建筑生成;

  • 渲染上基于用户视差改变城市渲染精度,达到6K分辨率的实时渲染输出;

  • 数据可视化上,同时呈现实时传感器、城市传感器和视频监控等城市级数据,并保实时流畅的游戏化体验。


Based on the above technical solutions, GritWorld has recently cooperated with companies such as Shadow Data and Jinke Property Co. Ltd, to realize Smart City solutions for urban security, public security and transportation. And with the Guangdong Big Data, Vtron Group Co and Supcon Group Co.Ltd, signed a strategic agreement, the future Smart City market size will reach 500 billion yuan.



High quality animation film production



High-quality and real-time game video technology is the goal pursued in the digital entertainment field in recent years. High quality will inevitably lead to increased costs and reduced efficiency. Instead, the GritWorld team developed the Gritvis for Cinema platform based on 10 years of cross-disciplinary R&D and technology accumulation, using real-time graphics rendering technology. Changing the production method of digital works and achieving more than 500 times the rendering efficiency, shortening the production cycle from the original 2 months to 2 weeks, while having the efficiency of game technology, but also the quality of film and television works.

It is understood that seven works of the three film and television leading companies have been made using the technology of the GritWorld. And with Canada's Dynamic Attraction strategic cooperation in Xi'an landing the first real-time 8K film and television output project, the future market size of film and television animation will reach 150 billion yuan.

高品质和实时游戏影视技术,是近年来数字娱乐领域所追求的目标。而高品质必然会带来成本的增加和效率降低。相反,粒界团队基于10年的跨领域研发和技术积累,引用实时化的图形渲染技术,研发Gritvis for Cinema开发平台。改变数字作品的制作方式,达到500倍以上的渲染效率的提升,制作周期从原先的2个月缩短到2周时间,在兼备游戏技术效率的同时,又具备影视作品的质量。

据了解,3家影视领头企业的7部作品都已经采用粒界的技术制作中。并且和加拿大Dynamic Attraction战略合作在西安落地第一个实时8K影视输出项目,未来影视动漫的市场规模将达1500亿元。



Second-generation human-computer interaction engine




Grit World is also developing the next-generation AR-Ready architecture platform GritGene: WYSIWYG real-time film-level rendering; real-time large-scale scene interaction; integrated real-time visual scanning, reconstruction and convenient editing tools; cloud GPU cluster support and supporting c/s rendering; convenient portability to wearable devices; strong scale potential (from the professional production of film and television drama to the daily application of ordinary users).




Regarding the future, Dr. Wu said: "GritWorld can be regarded as a company using real-time graphics and visual technology as a base and through film and television animation and Smart City business as a pre-commercial breakthrough point. The real-time graphic vision technology developed will be continuously commercialized, and the experience will be supplemented into products and technologies to form technical barriers and commercial closed loops. It is hoped that the next generation of intelligent hardware will provide core power when it matures."



Grit Technology is headquartered in Frankfurt and has branches in Guangzhou and Shanghai, China. Founder Dr. Wu Xiaomao worked as project director and technical director at Crytek, a German gaming technology and production company. He founded the Cinebox team at Crytek and, in collaboration with a number of leading Hollywood studios, promoted the game's real-time graphics technology to the film industry. In 2012, Cinebox became one of the departments within the company to become technically competitive and commercially valuable. The core technical team members are from 12 countries and regions, and are the elites in the field of game engine technology, real-time film and television special effects technology, and VR.

粒界科技总部位于法兰克福,并在中国广州和上海设有分公司。创始人吴小毛博士曾在德国游戏技术与制作公司Crytek担任项目总监和技术总监。他在Crytek创建Cinebox团队,并在与好莱坞多家主流影视公司的合作中,将游戏的实时图形技术推广到影视界。2012年Cinebox也因此成为公司内部成为具有技术竞争力和商业价值的部门之一。核心技术团队成员分别来自12个国家和地区,在游戏引擎技术、实时影视特效技术、VR 领域均是业界精英。 

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