Dr. Wu: GritWorld will make a breakthrough between the limits of AI and Human exchange 吴博士:粒界科技要突破人机互换的极限

August 17, 2018

“The boundary between virtual and reality is gradually being eliminated by technology” – July 29, 2018, Dr. Wu, the founder of GritWorld is invited to participate in the themed event “Future Entertainment (MATCH)” hosted by ZaojiuTalk. Dr. Wu introduced the current disruptive film and television industry and the animation industry that is taking place and letting everyone experience the immersive future mobile phone revolution that subverts the eyes.


‘虚拟与现实的边界正在被科技逐步消弥’  --- 2018年7月29日,粒界科技创始人吴博士受邀参加了由 造就Talk 主办的主题为‘未来娱乐(MATCH)’主题演讲活动,于会上吴博士介绍了正在发生中的颠覆性影视、动漫产业,并让众人沉浸式体验了颠覆眼球的未来手机革命。


“Digital reconstruction is the key of the integration of digital and real worlds, it is also the technology which needs a breakthrough.”



Background of Founder:

The world's top scientist in computer graphics and computer animation field;

Senior Associate Editor of the American Computer Society (ACM) in “Entertainment Computer” Journal

The industrial Chair of Springer’s soon published “Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games”

Received Professional Project Management (PMP) certification from the PMI American Project Management Association;

American Computer Society SIGGRAPH "Motion in Games"

Member of the Virtual Graphics Conference (VRST) European Graphics Conference;

Industrial President of the European Graphics Conference







美国计算机协会SIGGRAPH“游戏中的动画”(Motion in Games);




The Arrival of Integration of Virtual and Reality

Ultimately entertainment and life will be inseparable, the virtual world will eventually dock with real life seamlessly.

As we know, the virtual world is developing through every field of technology and human potential development; it can be formed independently by the real world or communication with the real world. Humans can enter a new territory through a special new generation of equipment through a form of consciousness; the experiences are part of the virtual world but meanwhile they realize they are in the real world controlling the virtual world; it is also possible to integrate the virtual objects and mirror their interaction with the real environment. Eventually, the human body can intuitively visualize all the information by touch and sensing real objects; at this point, the integration of virtual and real world comes true.









——吴小𠇔博士                                                                                                      ——吴小𠇔博士


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