GritVis for Cinema

A set of cinematic tools mounted onto game engines. It enables professionals to dramatically improve productivity and image quality

GritVis for Cinema is a fine-tuned pipeline specifically designed for film, TV and advertisement productions. It fully reflects our team’s experience working with the film industry for 8 years.

GritVis for Cinema speeds up your 3D render pipeline to reduce the production time in half. From visual effects, real-time editing, batch processing and faster scene setup – we cut down the manual repetition of tasks and allow you to focus on your creative achievements.


Alembic Importer

  • Topology-changing geometry

  • Fast and easy import/export

  • Process long animations and multiple models

  • Realtime playback with motion blur

Volumetric Clouds

  • Advanced parameters (i.e. color, density, shape, speed)

  • Dynamic interaction with environment lighting

  • Self-casting shadows

Physical Ocean

  • Large-scale physical animation

  • Interaction with environment

  • Realistic procedural shading and foam generation

Render Output

  • Sequence Batch renderer

  • Provides support for super sampling

  • Advanced time range options

  • Multiple passes with EXR output

  • Alpha masking with anti-aliasing

Weather Effects

  • Easy integration

  • Fully customizable behavior

  • Automatic interaction with the environment

And many more...

  • Automated camera import

  • Lens Flare Editor

  • Open Color IO

  • ...

Currently, the GritVis for Cinema plug-ins are not publicly available. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have interest in a (trial) license.

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